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 sunhours - a sketchup plugin for visualising sunlight hours
SunHours is a free plugin for Sketchup for visualising sunlight data in grids on surfaces of a building. With this Green Building Sketchup tool you can run a ...

 sunlight simulation - sweet home 3d blog
This tip shows how to make a video in which you can see where the sunlight goes by in a room during a day. Design your room and place lights. Image you want you ...

 seasons simulator (naap) - unl astronomy education
Seasons Simulator (NAAP) Shows the geometry of the earth and sun over the course of a year, demonstrating how seasons occur. This simulator allows both orbital and ...

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 seasons and ecliptic simulator - basic coordinates and ...
NAAP Astronomy Labs - Basic Coordinates and Seasons - Seasons and Ecliptic Simulator

 elevation angle | pveducation
The elevation angle (used interchangeably with altitude angle) is the angular height of the sun in the sky measured from the horizontal. Confusingly, both altitude ...

 sunlight, uv, & accelerated weathering - q-lab corporation
Sunlight, UV, & Accelerated Weathering By Patrick Brennan & C. Fedor1 The Q-Panel Company 26200 First Street, Cleveland, Ohio 441 45 INTRODUCTION

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