CO.FO.ME.GRA. was founded in 1948 by Mr. Aleardo Spreafico to design and manufacture carbon arc lamps, later on xenon lamps and photo-etching machines for zinc and magnesium plates.

In the Sixties we began the production of a complete line of densitometers for quality control and standardisation in the pre-press, flexo and offset press market.

In the Eighties we entered the market of climatic chambers with worldwide known SOLARBOX for accelerated tests of resistance to sunlight, CORROSIONBOX salt spray chambers for accelerated corrosion tests and Humidity chambers also with SO2 for Kesternich test.

cofomegra azienda

CO.FO.ME.GRA. has always focused its attention on the innovation and constant improvement of its products quality as well as on partnership with Customers offering expert assistance in all areas of our business.
Our modern factory, situated near the Central Station of Milan employs highly qualified people dedicated to continuous improvement of our business and full range of services: installation, training, technical support, maintenance and calibration services.

CO.FO.ME.GRA. exports more than 80% of its production and is interested in finding sole distributors in the free areas in order to penetrate new markets. If you are interested please contact Dr. Ing. Massimo Spreafico, general manager: massimo.spreafico@cofomegra.it.

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